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Support your business with a team of experts

Business guidance and support is crucial to increasing your odds of long-term success. Her you find counseling, training and business development specialists providing  low-cost services .

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To do businesses in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia , UAE , & other GCC countries , to find a partner, to get business opportunities, get your company or products (services) approved in Kuwait market.

(To own 100% Share of your project in Kuwait)

We are here to support you to do your business starting from the idea (evaluating your ideas)

ending to project management, to continue with our customized services as per your needs.Text Box: Manage your business from start to finish
Careful planning is fundamental to success. 
 Business Plan includes information and resources that will help you at any stage of the business lifecycle.



Hand By Hand to Success

Start Your Business

To be Your Mentor

Find the Right Partner

Finance Start-Up

Buy a Business

Buy a Franchise

Choose a Structure

Get Licenses and Permits

Manage Your Business


Make Decisions

Manage Employees

Market and Price

Get Insurance

Handle Legal Concerns


Use Technology

Finance Growth

Getting Out

Plan Your Exit

Sell Your Business

Transfer Ownership

Liquidate Assets

Close Officially

Expand your business with our services

Al Hadid services support you, to find the right partners in GCC & other countries, with financial assistance, disaster assistance and training programs to help your business succeed.

 Plan Your Business

Get Ready

Find a business idea

Write a Business Plan

Training Courses & workshop (For Small Business)

1. Be Ready, find a new project idea & get red from your startup fears (3 Hours)

2. Plan your business(15 Hours)

3. Start your business (12 Hours)

4. Manage your business (15 Hours)

5. Other customized training courses



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