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About Us                           نبذة بالغة العربية

 Al hadid is a consulting and financial services business . Experience of more than seventeen years in the private sector in Kuwait with various industries and businesses such as Manufacturing , Education ,Investment, Contracting , Trading , and Consulting with excellent network in private & public sectors make my services professional simple and fast. We have professional partners (firms & individuals) work with us whenever there services is needed.


Our services include the following :

Marketing of business opportunities, Finding Partners , Economic & marketing studies ,Monitoring Services, Stumble processing services ,Consulting Support, Accounting and financial services , Consulting Administrative Development , Human Resource Consulting , Consulting information systems , Employment Administrative , Development and training, Bookkeeping Services , Products approval from governmental institutions, & Conferences Management.



We drive business success through improving performance.



We listen, understand, evaluate  and deliver innovative and best solutions producing competitive advantages for clients.



We are specialized in business and workforce development and training that supports business and industry in reaching and maintaining excellence and a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We are dedicated to the continuing pursuit of exceptional Service, Quality, and Performance. This is based on our understanding of our customers’ needs and our ability and desire to fulfill such needs. We believe that long-term growth is best served when our customer and Corporate Services are both making a Return on Investment.




Our actions (internal and external) are open and honest and can be trusted.



Our efforts are based on collaboration. We focus on win/win situations for customers and coworkers alike. To do this, we value and respect the diversity of the people and their ideas.



We are good listeners and share information promptly and completely to gain the trust and respect needed to offer productive solutions to problems. Two-way communication exemplifies our desire for common understanding with our customers and coworkers.



Our behavior is demonstrated by taking responsibility for our promises and actions. We can be depended upon.



We proactively search for best practices and creative solutions to the needs of our customers and coworkers.



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