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Marketing of Business Opportunities

Finding Partners

Business Consulting & Services

Economic & marketing studies :

·  Feasibility studies.

·  Companies evaluation.

· Business Plan.

Monitoring Services:

·  Start-up services

·  Buildup Services

Stumble processing services:

· Address financial failure

·  Address Stumble administrative  and organizational

· Address the faltering in the implementation of accounting and Accounts Software

Consulting Support:

· Study and assess the financial situation and propose solutions.

· Assessing the debtors and the outstanding debt

·  Representation of clients, in the negotiations with banks and financial institutions and corporate creditors.

·  Investment opportunities studies and securing partners or investors.

Accounting and financial services:

·  Preparation of policies and financial plans.

·  Design of the accounting and costing systems.

·  Development of procurement policies and commitment.

·  Prepare  documentary course.

·  Preparation of the annual estimated budget

Consulting Administrative Development:

· Prepare work policies and administrative regulations.

·  Preparation of the organizational structures

·  Prepare a job description and determine the technical specifications for each function and powers entrusted to it.

Human Resource Consulting:

·  Employment  strategy plan.

·  Structural design work, and the  functions and responsibilities entrusted to it.

·  Job evaluation and salaries scale.
Policies and procedures on  staff.

Consulting information systems:

· Specification and requirements of hardware and  software.

· Overseeing the project management information.

· Preparation of a plan the transition from existing systems to new system.

· Preparation of security systems, protection and emergency plan and recorded in the working directory.

· Prepare a plan continuity of work in exceptional cases.

· Employment Administrative:

· Identify the needs of the company's "functions" administrative and professionals.

·  Assist management in preparing the job description and required qualifications.

·  Elements eligible for the survey and present the best qualified.

· Provide an advisory opinion regarding the contract.

Development and training:

·  Accounting for Non-Accountants

·  Start Your Own business

·  Plan your business

·  Manage your  business

·  Introduction of investment on  the stock market

·  Feasibility Study

· Other customized Training courses 

Bookkeeping Services

Products Approval from Government Institutions

Conferences Management

Customized services as per customers

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